Article 6: Bike Maintenance

Maintaining a bicycle can be an overwhelming feat when you do not have any prior bike mechanic knowledge. A clean, well maintained bike will last longer and give you far less problems on the trails. Below are a few ideas that when practiced properly will keep you happy and pedaling for miles and miles. Before... Continue Reading →

Article 5: Overcoming Stress

Stress is an interesting word. Some people cringe at the thought of it while others look back to a difficult time in their lives and reflect. My interpretation is that stress is a way the body copes with a situation which makes it a necessary component of daily life. Treating stress as something we are... Continue Reading →

Article 4: How to Use Calories

The calorie, friend or worst enemy, we all have some sort of relationship with this word. Counting calories was never a thing to me, let alone diets or making sure I got a balanced diet throughout the day. Even now, these topics are not high on my radar but let me share a couple ideas... Continue Reading →

Article 3: Your First Bike

New bike day is a glorious day, so much excitement and emotion in the purchase of owning a new bike, or your first bike. With so many types of bikes, riding styles, and price ranges from a few hundred to thousands of dollars there is a lot that needs to be considered during the purchase... Continue Reading →

Article 1: Why Bike

People ask me all the time why on earth would I ride a bike for 10, 20, or even 50 long miles just for fun? I tell them that is exactly the point, it is how I have fun! Now cycling can be a sport we partake in for various reasons such as health and... Continue Reading →

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