Article 14: Hydration

Staying hydrated is a vital component to any healthy body. I struggle with this and have tried so many different ways to drink water throughout the day. What I have found works best is to just be intentional, and do it, no excuses. There are no tricks, or fancy bottle that will make drinking water easier for you. If you are in the office, make it a habit every time you look at the bottle sitting on your desk take a sip. This might be easier when doing physical exercise since you will be thirsty, but when I’m not thirsty water is the last thing I want to drink. There are so many other delicious beverages to try besides plain water.

This does get a little technical while doing physical activity however, the rule of thumb is to drink one bottle for every hour you are on the bike, we might be able to extend that to any sort of high intensity cardio. Now I believe this can be modified slightly depending on how much you sweat and the intensity of your ride. There are times when I only get through half of a bottle per hour I am on the bike. Others might need a bottle and a half or even two if they sweat a lot and need to replace that fluid. This should be more thought of as drink as you need, and not try to limit or restrict yourself to any guidelines under physical activity.

I always used to think that 8 cups a day was the golden rule as well. Now understanding that there are so many different body types and needs, there’s no way you can see 8 cups a day as the correct amount for every single person on the planet. I honestly don’t know what the correct amount is or even how to gauge that, I have seen so many things from a crazy math equation involving your body weight, to taking a percentage of 8 cups based on your mass, and so many others. I try to use that 8 cups as a range of 64 ounces and see where I land on that based on how I feel each day. I do believe that it does not I’ll have to be water, I can drink tea or juice, other liquids can help accumulate to whatever total amount of ounces I am drinking that day, not just water. I drink water only unless I am having a meal, if it is a meal then I have the option between water and something else.

The best advice I can give you is to just challenge yourself and make it a point to be better at staying hydrated. I don’t have any app to recommend or special bottle that will make you drink more. I think you just need the right mindset, a good attitude, and a glass of water. Like any goal however I would suggest starting small something you can manage and then increasing that over the next few weeks. Maybe it’s just one bottle a day and you want to get to three bottles a day. I know as the weather starts to cool down water consumption might decrease a little since it’s not going to be so hot anymore. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be drinking in adequate amount of water to hydrate your body each and every day. In writing this I need to take my own advice and step my water consumption and this is the motivation I needed as well. Being on the bike so much I think my lack of water drinking has not benefitted my muscle recovery and probably even made it harder to sustain my level of output during a ride. Thanks for reading and I will see you guys soon.

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